Mortgage Foreclosure Scams

Don't get scammed

No one can stop the foreclosure process.
No one can guarantee a settlement with a lender.
No one ever needs to pay a fee.


Companies often pose as legitimate help to people in mortgage foreclosure. They may go to the court clerk and get your name, address and case number, and they are working hard to scam homeowners.


Their mailings, emails and marketing materials may appear official. Not only will they have your personal information, they purposefully give their marketing pieces and air of authority so you feel safe in responding. They have mock government websites. Some con artists even set up multiple companies to market to you so you feel as if you have more than one legitimate option.


Their messages play on your fears, such as:

  • You must respond immediately to avoid eviction.
  • In the next 10 days you could stop foreclosure.
  • Your suit will not proceed of you call this number today.


They make promises, such as:

  • We’ll hire you an attorney.
  • We guaranteed to stop the process.
  • We can stop all court proceedings.


And they make things seem reasonable, such as:

  • Just sign over your deed until you repair your credit.
  • Pay us a small fee to file the right paperwork.
  • We’ll hire a lawyer who promises to stop proceedings.


Do not respond to these companies. If you are in foreclosure you should know:

  • Help is free.
  • Call 211.
  • Talk to a homeownership counselor.


If you already have been the target of one of these companies and you suspect fraud, report it. Call 877-FTC-HELP or visit


If You’ve Been A Victim

If you are certain you have been taken advantage of in a foreclosure scam, file a complaint at:


Attorney General:,1607,7-164-21153-51368–,00.html


Federal Trade Commission:
Call 877-FTC-HELP or




Fannie Mae | Know your options: