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If you are currently facing mortgage or tax foreclosure, we want to help you keep your property.

The Eaton County Treasurer’s Office does not want you to lose your home, but you will if taxes are delinquent for 25 months. The deadlines and paperwork are overwhelming, but there’s free help to get you through it.

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Capital Area Community Services

  • Diverse programs and services to help families move toward self-sufficiency, including individualized asset-building strategies.
  • A family-focused system of support to supplement inadequate financial resources of working poor families to help them meet basic needs, build financial knowledge, strengthen both personal and financial behaviors, and work toward the goal of self-sufficiency.



Housing Services of Mid-Michigan

  • FREE and confidential housing counseling designed to educate clients, explore options for saving the home, develop an individualized sustainable financial plan, and discuss transition and relocation options if housing is not sustainable.
  • Counselors work with clients to communicate with treasurer/mortgage company, and help apply for assistance programs.  




Bob Robinson, Eaton County Treasurer
This information provided as a public service by Eaton County Treasurer, Bob Robinson.

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