Hold on to Your Home

Holding on to your home is in all of our best interest — your success is our success. This website is designed to help identify your situation and empower you to take control.


By accessing the resources on this website, you’re already taking a proactive approach to your situation. You’re not alone. Tax and mortgage foreclosure can be prevented, land contracts can be predatory and renters have rights — we’re here to help you manage your situation.


Thanks to the vision and commitment of The City of Lansing and The Ingham County Treasurer’s Office, this site and any resources referred to in this site are free.


About the Ingham County Treasurer

The County Treasurer is the custodian of all monies with the responsibility for investing idle funds and maintaining an adequate cash flow. The Treasurer's office settles with township and city treasurers for taxes collected for both the county and state, collects delinquent real property taxes, maintains debt service accounts for any bonded indebtedness of the County, collects and disburses hotel/motel accommodation taxes, and is responsible for sale of dog licenses. The County Treasurer is a member of the Plat Board, the Elections Commission, the County Building Authority and the County Apportionment Commission. The Treasurer is also the Chairperson of the Ingham County Land Bank.


Treasurer's Tax Auction

If a property has been foreclosed on due to tax forfeiture, the Treasurer has the right to list the property at public auction pursuant to the Michigan General Property Tax Act. For more information on the auction or to sign up for auction notifications, visit www.tr.ingham.org.